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How do I sign up?

Sign up directly through the website. 


Who is allowed to join?

All students and staff of Columbia College Chicago.


What are the gym hours?

M-F, 7am-9pm and Sat: 8am -4pm  


What is the membership rate?

The membership rate for staff is $25 per month.  For students, it is included.  


How do I cancel?

Please email us and fill out the cancellation form.


How do I pay?

For all staff, please pay by credit card. Payments will be taken out monthly as an auto-deduction. 

What is included with my membership?

With your membership, you will have access to the fitness center, locker rooms and group exercise studio. You can also participate in group fitness classes, wellness programs, competitions and challenges. All members will receive a free personal training session and fitness assessment.


What is not included in my membership?

After your first free personal training session, if you choose to purchase a package of sessions these will be charged per session.  Small group sessions can also be purchased.  For more information on personal training or small group sessions, please speak with our on-site staff.  

How do I access the gym?

Once you join, Kinema will hand you a key tag that you will use to access the facility.  


Do I need to bring my own towel?

No, towels will be provided for you.


Are day use lockers available?

Yes, there will be many day use lockers available.  At the end of the day please take all these items with you.  


How can I get in touch with the management company?

Please feel free to email us at:  If you are interested, but still unsure about joining, please schedule a gym orientation and one of our team members will give you a tour of the facility. 

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